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ADU 01296: 3 challenges that drone pilots fail to consider when running a drone business – ADU with Paul and PJ

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Today’s show is a special one as we are joined by PJ Kirkpatrick, Drone U’s Director of Operations, in discussing key aspects that drone pilots fail to consider when running a drone business and how ignoring these aspects can greatly determine the pace of success that drone pilots can achieve.

We also discuss about PJ’s upcoming drone podcast segment on AskDroneU where PJ will be discussing more about success in the aviation industry and talking to business leaders in an effort to share business success secrets.

We talk about key aspects of running a successful business and how drone pilots often miss them, on today’s show, such as understanding the multiple hats that pilots need to wear while running their drone business, understanding customer requirements and working under the assumption that there would be no risk during flight missions and how pilots can work on risk mitigation and to adapt based on flying environment and situations. We also talk about business automation, drone tech and much more.

In a last segment on the show we talk about PJ’s upcoming drone podcast segment on AskDroneU and how we intend to share key business success insights from industry leaders with our listeners.

Tune In to this detail packed podcast if you are looking to run a successful drone business.

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[1:23] Three topics to discuss on today’s show
[2:48] Can SAR improve efficiency of locating missing individuals using add on hardware accessories?
[7:27] 3 biggest issues and challenges that drone pilots fail to consider when starting a new business/flying a drone
[13:25] Things about running a business that drone pilots do not consider while running a business
[21:13] Knowing your customers’ requirements and how drone pilots can be effective at delivering to customer requirements
[27:03] Learn more about PJ’s upcoming podcast series on AskDroneU



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