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At this time’s Wordle Reply #603 – February 12, 2023 Answer And Hints

If our hints have not helped you crack the code, the phrase you are on the lookout for is “big.” An enormous is the stuff of legends, a human of surprising measurement and power. In astronomy, an enormous star is one with excessive luminosity and better mass and measurement than a main-sequence star (by way of Merriam-Webster). We use the phrase often over right here at SlashGear, virtually all the time in reference to tech behemoths Apple, Google, Tesla and Microsoft and no matter they’re as much as on the time.

In line with Etymonline, the origin of the phrase traces again to Previous French “geant,” or its earlier model “jaiant,” and Latin “gigas” or Greek “Gigantes.” These phrases all described a legendary individual from a race of divine however savage beings who embodied damaging pure forces and had been finally worn out by the gods. They had been believed to be sons of Gaia, the Greek goddess of the Earth and Uranus, god of sky.

It solely took three tries to determine the reply right this moment, seeing because the profitable phrase is not uncommon neither is its letter mixture unconventional. Our opening guess, “depend,” turned two tiles inexperienced and whittled down the potential options to 19. We adopted up with the phrase stint, and after that there was just one potential reply. We hope you end simply as rapidly, and even quicker.



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