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Bridgerton Season 3’s Romance Already Dangers Copying Anthony & Kate’s Story

As the most recent couple taking middle stage within the upcoming Bridgerton season 3, Colin and Penelope’s story is more likely to parallel Anthony and Kate’s enemies-to-friends-to-lovers storyline in Bridgerton season 2 than Daphne and Simon’s steamy organized marriage plot from Bridgerton season 1. For the reason that begin of Bridgerton, Colin and Penelope have been good pals who at all times verged on doubtlessly turning into extra as a result of Penelope’s unrequited crush. Over the course of two seasons, nevertheless, Colin and Penelope’s friendship has frayed considerably, with a number of vital lies maintaining them from having an sincere friendship, a lot much less a wholesome romantic relationship.


In Bridgerton season 2, Colin returned from his travels, and it appeared that his and Penelope’s friendship had modified. Colin not confided in her, regardless of her eagerness, and instructed her that he considered her not as a lady or potential romantic match, however simply as herself. Penelope’s Girl Whistledown secret in Bridgerton season 2 additionally drove a wedge between the couple, as Colin discovering out would rework his view of her utterly. The ultimate straw got here when Penelope overheard a dialog through which Colin rudely revealed that he would by no means courtroom her.

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Colin & Penelope’s Bridgerton Romance Wants To Be Like Anthony & Kate

Colin and Penelope at a ball on Bridgerton

Because of the varied issues between Colin and Penelope, it could make sense that their ensuing romance in Bridgerton season 3 is just like Anthony and Kate’s storyline in Bridgerton season 2. Anthony and Kate’s relationship adopted an enemies-to-friends-to-lovers arc, the place they first hated one another, then slowly got here to grasp and possibly even like one another, then lastly developed true emotions of affection. Their storyline was additionally a sluggish burn, which means that this transformation into lovers didn’t occur in a single day, however required a number of episodes to construct up the romantic moments between them. The Colin and Penelope Bridgerton romance wants an analogous sluggish burn storyline.

The occasions of Bridgerton season 2 make it unlikely that Colin and Penelope will reconcile in time for Bridgerton season 3. As a substitute, the brand new season should give the pair time to alter their mindsets, doubtlessly with a major time soar from Bridgerton season 2 to season 3. Nonetheless, even and not using a main time soar, Colin and Penelope’s relationship in Bridgerton season 3 should nonetheless develop from a cushty friendship to a steamy romance over many episodes. This implies overcoming obstacles like Colin’s post-travel facade, the Girl Whistledown secret, and reworking a platonic relationship right into a extra intimate, romantic one.

Why Daphne & Simon’s Story Would not Work For Colin & Penelope

Penelope and Colin dancing in Bridgerton

The Daphne and Simon story in Bridgerton season 1 wouldn’t work for Colin and Penelope as a result of there’s an excessive amount of historical past between them and never sufficient sparks flying. The place Daphne and Simon had an instantaneous connection that shortly spiraled right into a sensual marriage, Colin nonetheless sees Penelope as a pal, and the 2 have a major quantity of issues to work out earlier than they’ll see one another romantically. On this approach, Bridgerton season 3 will probably have extra stolen glances and unintentional touches like Anthony and Kate in Bridgerton season 2 than the dramatic intercourse scenes Simon and Daphne had in Bridgerton season 1.

Colin and Penelope’s romance goes to be a tough one to make occur, however a sluggish burn plot like Anthony and Kate’s in Bridgerton season 2 is vital. A time soar in Bridgerton season 3 could also be inevitable to offer the pair time to mature independently and face their dishonesties head-on earlier than inspecting their emotions for one another. This pairing is certain to be essentially the most difficult and dramatic Bridgerton romance audiences have seen but.

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