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Cowl Awe: Textures, Cats, & Extra

Welcome again to Cowl Awe, the place we speak about issues we like about e book covers.

The Spare Man by Mary Robinette Kowal. An illustrated cover of a man and woman starting in front of silver, sleek futuristic bar. The man is in a dark grey 3-piece suit, leaning against the bar and looking seriously at the woman in front of him. She has a short, curly  blonde bob and is wearing a silver knee-length dress with sparkly blue shawl. She's using a cane, while a small white terrier is perched at feet.

Cowl artwork by Jaime Jones

Amanda: I really like how the artist drew the completely different cloth textures and particulars!

Sarah: I really like this cowl. I really like taking a look at it, I really like how delicate and trendy it’s, I really like the lighting. I adore it.

When Life Gives You Vampires by Gloria Duke. A illustrated blue cover with the silhouettes of bats. A plus-sized woman stands with her hands on her hips, wearing coral pants that end at the ankle with a pink tank top, black blazer, and black strappy heels. She has curly orange hair.

Cowl artwork by Louisa Cannell

Amanda: The coral and pinks of the outfit actually make her standout. And sure, I need this outfit, although I’ll be altering out the heels for booties.

Sarah: That is so cute.

Blue by Emmelie Prophete. A hardcover book resting on a fabric of twisting colors of white, pinks, browns, and oranges. The cover looks like collage that comes together of a Black woman with a golden halo on a deep, blue green canvas.

Cowl artwork by Tamara Natalie Madden

Maya: I used to be simply flipping by means of a listing of Caribbean authors and noticed this!! (decidedly not a romance)

Sneezy: Oh my GOD!

Sarah: That’s beautiful design.

Chasing Your Tail by Kate McMurray. An illustrated cover of a black and white cat tripping a woman right into the arms of a hunky pastry chef, holding a plate of cupcakes.

Cowl artwork by Elizabeth Turner Stokes

Amanda: The hero is a pastry chef for a cat cafe and I really like the actual time picture of a cat making an attempt to journey a human. Seeing much more mischievous animals on e book covers recently.

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