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Cowl Snark: Shadows? How Do They Work?

Let’s get pleasure from some pre-Valentine’s Day Cowl Snark!

Prehistorical One Horned Menage by Stix Hiscock. A cover with a mishmash of 3D models. There's a mermaid on a motorcycle holding a hamburger. There's a lawn gnome lurking in the corner. Behind the mermaid are a unicorn and a shirtless man with a dinosaur head.

From Jen: There are simply no phrases to explain how bonkers this seems to be.

Sarah: Okay COME ON NOW. How would a mermaid experience a motorbike? Facet saddle?!

Elyse: And one handed, holding a sandwich.

Sarah: And why is the dinosaur that appears like a phallus SMIRKING about it? Wish to see you strive it, Dickhead.

Tara: Even the unicorn is judging the dinosaur man. Nobody likes an asshole.

Iron Ember by Donna Grant. A see through man pulling his shirt off. But through him we see a waterfall and is fall directly at his crotch.

From Maeve: Submitting this for a future Cowl Snark. They made some unlucky selections with the water on this cowl.

Sarah: Sure. Unlucky selections have been made, sure.

Elyse: Does Dr. Nips have an affiliate in urology?

Sarah: Paging Dr. Leak?

Amanda: This makes me should pee.

The Baby Maker by Lili Valente. An illustrated cover. Two people are standing apart. One is a man in jeans and a long sleeved shirt. The other is  a pregnant woman in overalls with her arms crossed. However, the shadows they are casting behind them show the man lifting the woman up in his arms and a baby shadow next to them.

Amanda: That’s not how shadows work?

Susan: I’d be extra okay with it if the shadows didn’t recommend everybody had further foot-legs

Sarah: Are these stilts?

Shana: I simply can’t get previous how the shadow-baby is outwardly watching their shadow-parents “make a child”

Claudia: Overalls and second or third-stage being pregnant is… an fascinating alternative! All I can consider are these toilet journeys!

Elyse: These are shadow demons.

Garic by Taylor Rylan. A man in a white tank top and dark jeans is crouched amidst red smoke. The title definitely gives a double take. Is this man named Garlic. The clothing choices even make him look like a garlic bulb.

Elyse: I’m not the one one who learn “Garlic” proper ?

Sarah: Nope. Appears like garlic.

Sneezy: He seems to be like he’s displaying off a faceless head he severed.

“Yeah, again within the day some dudes even preserved their proof of labor in honey to point out their shoppers. Expertise actually got here a great distance lately. Didn’t they, Bob?”

Shana: The place’s the underside half of Monsieur Garlic’s physique?

Sarah: I see a knee. I assumed it was a garlic clove however it could be a knee.



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