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Curiosity rover captures our first clear view of Martian sunbeams

NASA’s Perseverance rover is likely to be on the market on Mars since 2021, gathering rock samples and discovering hints of water, however that does not imply its predecessor has already retired from its explorations. In reality, the Curiosity rover has been observing Martian clouds throughout twilight to construct upon its earlier survey on night-shining clouds. And on February 2nd, Curiosity captured a uncommon sight on digicam, making it the primary time we have seen crepuscular rays (or “solar rays”) this clearly from the Martian floor.

The clouds within the picture above are positioned at the next altitude than most Martian clouds, which sit round 37 miles above the bottom and are manufactured from water ice. Because the clouds within the picture are larger up the place it is particularly chilly, NASA thinks they’re manufactured from frozen carbon dioxide — or dry ice, as we name it — as an alternative. They company says that observing clouds on Mars can assist scientists be taught extra in regards to the planet’s atmospheric situations, temperatures and winds. 

For this explicit survey, which began in January and can conclude mid-March, Curiosity principally makes use of its coloured Mast Digital camera or Mastcam. The gear permits the rover to take pictures that will present scientists how cloud particles glow over time. To create the panorama you see above, NASA stitched collectively 28 pictures taken by the Mastcam. In 2021, although, Curiosity principally relied on its black-and-white navigation cameras that offered us an in depth have a look at clouds’ construction as they transfer. 

Along with our first clear view of the Martian solar rays, the rover has additionally taken photographs of different fascinating cloud formations because the present survey started. One picture from January twenty seventh (under) reveals an iridescent cloud that is formed like a feather. Apparently, the colour transitions led to by iridescence inform scientists how the cloud is evolving and about how its particle measurement is altering throughout the construction. 

A photo of a feather-like cloud on Mars taken by NASA's Curiosity rover.




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