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Greatest Nature for Iron Leaves in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet has actually modified up the aggressive battling scene with the inclusion of two legendary Pokémon Paradox varieties. Iron Leaves and Strolling Wake have been added to the roster, and followers are discovering a number of success with the monsters on their workforce. Iron Leaves appears to be discovering success as a cumbersome bodily attacker. With such an increase in recognition, discovering the strongest Iron leaves is on a number of coach’s minds. Let’s talk about the perfect Nature for Iron Leaves in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

Strongest Natures for Iron Leaves in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Iron Leaves is the Paradox type of the legendary Pokémon Virizion. Virizion has didn’t carve a lot of a distinct segment over higher tanky Pokémon over time, although it does have an amazing Particular Protection stat. Iron Leaves trades a few of that Particular Protection in favor of a tremendous Assault stat whereas nonetheless having fun with some above common bulk. Because of this, Iron Leaves is finest utilized as both a full bodily attacker, or a tank that may dish out some main harm.

There are two major Natures that match nicely with Iron Leaves’ area of interest in aggressive battling:

  • Adamant – That is arguably the perfect nature for Iron Leaves between the 2 choices. Adamant raises the Assault stat whereas reducing Particular Assault.
  • Cautious – Trainers who need Iron Leaves to have the ability to tank particular assaults will need to use this Nature. Cautious raises the Particular Protection stat whereas reducing Particular Assault.

Iron Leaves has an terrible Particular Assault stat, so reducing every other stat isn’t suggested. Using both of those Natures will see some noticeable positive factors for the Pokémon. Iron leaves’ signature bodily assault, Psyblade, does extra harm in Electrical Terrain, and the monster’s Capacity additional will increase harm in both Electrical Terrain or when sporting a Booster Vitality. Mixed with an Adamant or Cautious Nature, these attributes will punish any Pokémon that tries to arrange Electrical Terrain.

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It stays to be seen simply how a lot Iron Leaves will excel within the Pokémon meta. Its companion Pokémon, Strolling Wake, has been far more widespread as its look is completely distinctive whereas Iron Leaves is absolutely only a bouncy and metallic model of Virizion.



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