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Hogwarts Legacy: methods to use Rowland’s map to seek out his path

A fellow scholar of Hogwarts you’ll come to know whereas enjoying Hogwarts Legacy is Adelaide Oaks. They’re desperately making an attempt to determine what occurred to their uncle, Rowland Oakes, and can carry you alongside to resolve the thriller. This quest, titled “The Story of Rowland Oaks,” is likely one of the extra obtuse within the recreation. Given nothing however a imprecise map and set of instructions, you’ll simply change into caught. Fortunately, we have used our magic to disclose the trail ahead for you so you possibly can full this quest.

A handdrawn map.

use Rowland’s map to observe his path

After you have begun the search and picked up the map from the deserted campsite, you are left with nothing however the imprecise scribbles main you to the place you are meant to go.

Step 1: Summon your broom and take off.

Step 2: Head southwest and observe the river. Taking a look at your map, you will be aiming for the Korrow Ruins Floo Flame marker.

Step 3: When you attain the Korrow Ruins Floo Flame location, you’ll method the Bandit Camp Citadel dungeon simply to the north of the flame.

A wizard activating a floo flame.

Step 4: This can set off the search to start the following step, which is to enter the goblin outpost.

Step 5: Enter the world and observe the remaining steps to finish the search.

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