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How one can get Tetra in Valheim

Should you love gathering valuables and hard-to-find rarities whereas exploring your world’s Nordic landscapes, take into account catching a Tetra, the rarest fish in Valheim. Whereas it holds no intrinsic worth exterior of being an merchandise stand trophy, the Tetra is exceptionally uncommon, just like encountering a maypole that randomly spawned on one’s map. This fish’s rarity is because of the truth that it solely resides in a particular kind of Frost Cave throughout the Mountain biome. You would possibly encounter this explicit cave inside a couple of hours of your playtime, otherwise you may need but to find one inside a playthrough of 100+ hours.

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Catching Tetra in Valheim

Hunting Fenring to make Cold fishing bait for catching Tetra in Frost Cave of Valheim
Screenshot by Gamepur

To catch a Tetra in Valheim, you uncover a Frost Collapse Valheim with a pool of water. Whereas this would possibly sound trivial, only some caves in any world generate these chilly ponds of their interiors. In different phrases, discovering a Tetra habitat is just not based mostly in your capacity to find one however on the map technology’s RNG. You would possibly encounter one inside hours of looking out or after a couple of minutes of visiting the Mountain biome close to your residence. The invention of a Tetra pond is as much as probability in Valheim. 

Much like different fish in Valheim, Tetra favor a particular type of bait — chilly fishing bait. To craft this bait in a cauldron, you have to to purchase extraordinary fishing bait from Haldor and purchase a Fenring trophy from the werewolf-like Fenring. To not be confused with its less-humanoid counterpart within the Frost Caves, the Fenring is a beast that seems within the Mountains solely at evening. It may be tough to come across one since they despawn at daybreak. As soon as you discover one, we suggest utilizing fireplace arrows or a Employees of Embers to kill it, as it’s weak to flames. It has a ten% probability of dropping its trophy, which might then be used to craft bait for catching Tetra in Valheim.



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