KZ ZSTX Headset HIFI Bass In-Ear Noise Cancelling Sport Earphone Detachable DJ Music Headphone With KZ Waterproof Aptx Bluetooth Module Replacement…


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KZ ZSTX Headset HIFI Bass Earbuds In-Ear Monitor Noise Cancelling Sport Earphone Detachable DJ Music Headphone With KZ Waterproof Aptx Bluetooth Module Replacement Cable Bluetooth 4.2 Wireless Upgrade Cable Use For Phone MP4 MP3 Player


Product Name: KZ ZSTx In-ear Earphone
Model: ZSTx
Earphone type: In-ear
Impedance: 12Ω
Earphone sensitivity: 107dB/mW
Frequency range: 20-40000Hz
Pin Type:0.75mm
Line Length: 125±5cm
Color: Cyan,Purple
Whether with cable: Yes
Whether with wheat: optional
Whether can replacement cable: Yes

Package List:1 X KZ ZSTx In-ear Earphone


Based On The Professional Acoustic Level, We Advanced Again
Hybrid Technology Drive Headset

This shocking voice expression has never been surpassed
The Performance Of Advanced Hybrid Technology In 3 Configurations Is Enhanced Again
10 mm medium and low frequency double dynamic unit
30095 high frequency balanced armature unit

Dynamic Unit
Double magnetic flux brings the electroacoustic conversion rate of the common unit with the same specification.
The sound is clean, full of the sense of speed and strength. It is more suitable for the needs of electroacoustic music, drum and bass music.

Enhance High Frequency Analysis, Rich Details
30095 High Frequency Balanced Armature Unit
The balanced armature unit is placed at the front end of the earphone toreduce the loss of high frequency and bring better ductility.
Based on the inborn and meticulous resolution of dynamic unit, it provides rich and full detail performance, especially for different instrumental music.

Purity Silver Plated Wire
Equipped with hifi silver plating wire, it can improve the transparency, separation and sound field of earphones, make the sound bottom crystal clear, the voice and instruments more beautiful and beautiful, and add high- strength Kevlar fiber to the wire core to reduce the loss and distortionin signal transmission.

Has A Wire Horizontal And Vertical Sound Fied

Electronic Frequency Division+Physical Structure Double Tunning

Support Wire Loading And Unloading, More Ways To PlayEquipped With Bluetooth Module, Upgraded To Bluetooth Headset
Assemble gold and silver mixed wire to improve the sound quality. Equipped with bluetooth module, switch to bluetooth headset.*Upgrade wire can be purchased separately as required

Fit To The Ear Canal, Effectively Reduce External Noise
Stable And Comfortable Ergonomic Wearing Experience

Support Standard Phone HD Calling
Customized Dual Capacitor Design Microphone

Every Detail Shows Strength
0.75mm 2pin gold- plated pin I 3.5mm gold-plated plug
Patented soft silicone sleeve| L / R left and right signs Gorgeous appearance

125士5 cm
Weight: 22土3g
Wear:ear hook
Control Button:Standard/With microphone

Due to factors such as measurement environment and temperature, it is normal if there are slight tolerances on product parameters.

Wire Plugging Schematic
Correctly Distinguish Right And Left Headphones And Wires: (as shown)
There are left and right logos on the wire, “L” is on the left, and “R” is on the right. The front of the headset is placed with the silicone sleeve facing left to the left and the silicone sleeve facing to the right, which is the right side.
The correct assembly of the wire is with the needle head and “L R” logo facing up. Do not assemble the pin head down and it will have an adverse effect on sound quality.
Point the wire to the plug and push it in until it fits perfectly
Since the wire is a design that does not easily come off,Please be careful when inserting or puling.

Schematic Diagram Of Headset Wearing
Correctly distinguish right and left headphones,”L ” forleft, ” R ” for right.
Straight headphones inserted into the ear,correct wear,comfortable wear, sound insulation performance.
Fix the headset wire behind the ear.
Press and hold the headset panel to adjust the seal.
Adjust earphone wire and fix earphone.
Plug the headset plugs into the play-back device and use the device to adjust the volume before the headset is plugged into the device.

KZ High Performance Bluetooth Module Upgrade Wire
CSR8645 Chip
APT-X Lossless Transmissio
4.2+EDR Increase Rate
IPX5 Waterproof & Sweatproof
AAC Audio Coding
CVC Noise Reduction Technology
Comfortable & Balanced Wear
Play 8 Hours In A Row

Optional item:
*Type A — Only use for KZ ZS6/ ZS5/ ZS4/ ZS3/ ZSA/ ED16 and so on earphone
*Type B — Only use for KZ BA10/ AS10/ ZS10/ ZSR/ ZST/ ED12/ ES3/ ES4 and so onearphone
*Type C– Only use for KZ ZSN/ ZSN PRO/ ZS10 PRO/ AS16and so onearphone
*MMCX Connector — Use for SE846 SE535 UE900 and so on with MMCX connector and so on earphone
Packing list: 1 X Bluetooth Module ( DO NOT include earphones)

KZ High Performance Bluetooth Module Upgrade Wire PLUS

Qualcomm CSR8645 Btuetootn Chip APTX Patent Technology
Qualcomm CSR8645 is a powerful bluetooth chip. Excellent connection stability, support APTX lossless audio transmission technology ,supports AAC-LC advanced audio coding technology,supports EDR bluetooth enhanced rate.Support CVC 4 noise reduction technology, etc,it is the representative of bluetooth wireless connection technology on the market. APTX technology carries out digital audio compression algorithm through audio,Lossless Transmission,Reproduce professional grade pure wireless sound quality.

Professional mems microphone,Excellent Noise Cancellation.

Using CVC4.0 Voice Call Noise Reduction Technology, It Provides Advanced Audio Enhancement And Ambient Noise Suppression. Well Solved The Interference Of Environmental Noise During The Call.

Excellent Bluetooth Connection Performance

Using Qualcomm CSR8645 Bluetooth chip Qualcomm CSR8645 is renowned for its excellent connection stability, low power connection technology and high quality audio transmission. It is the representative of Bluetooth wireless connection technology on the market, with 3 seconds of fast connection, excellent connection speed and stronger signal anti-interference ability.

Bluetooth 4.2+EDR Bluetooth Enhanced Rate

Bluetooth 4.2 with EDR Bluetooth Enhanced Rate,Greatly improved the data transmission rate of Bluetooth technology, It’s 3 times as many times as common Bluetooth,Let Bluetooth transmit faster, transmit more steadily, higher efficiency, and consume less power.

ACC-LC Advanced Coding Technology
Compatible with Apple’s lossless transmission mode
AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) encoding format is better than MP3, better sound quality, smaller files, faster transmission.

Industrial Grade Ceramic Antenn

The sensitivity of Bluetooth reception is better With industrial grade ceramic antenna, RF is more stable,Audio signal transmission gain, While reducing the antenna, Low noise 1/3, noise figure of the receiving circuit such as sound amplifier or mixer, make Bluetooth receive the sensitivity better.

130mAh Battery Capacity

Long endurance 8 hours Built-in 130mAh safety lithium battery, brings over 8 hours of wireless listening after full power, 100 hours long standby, bid farewell to frequent charging.

IPX5 Waterproof Function

Waterproof, Anti-Sweat, Experience The Freedom Of Bluetooth. Running, playing, and cycling, it fits your ears every moment, and the waterproof, sweat-proof features allow you to play freely and freely.

Balanced wear Comfortable

Lightweight without falling ear Long wear does not fall off Wire control and battery symmetry design brings a balanced wear experience.The Earhook Uses A Metal Memory Wire, Which Can Be Adjusted According To Your Ear.

Wire control and battery use symmetrical design,Keeping the delicate balance of Bluetooth wires while wearing,Equilibrium apportionment of gravity, lightness does not fall to the ear, so that wearing comfort greatly improved. Discard the use of low-cost soft plastic ear hook structure,Adhere to high-cost metal memory wire hangers,It is easy for the user to adjust the earphone wearing according to their auricle shape and comfort.


Giá sản phẩm trên Tiki đã bao gồm thuế theo luật hiện hành. Bên cạnh đó, tuỳ vào loại sản phẩm, hình thức và địa chỉ giao hàng mà có thể phát sinh thêm chi phí khác như phí vận chuyển, phụ phí hàng cồng kềnh, thuế nhập khẩu (đối với đơn hàng giao từ nước ngoài có giá trị trên 1 triệu đồng)…..

Chi Tiết: KZ ZSTX Headset HIFI Bass In-Ear Noise Cancelling Sport Earphone Detachable DJ Music Headphone With KZ Waterproof Aptx Bluetooth Module Replacement…

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KZ ZSTX Headset HIFI Bass In-Ear Noise Cancelling Sport Earphone Detachable DJ Music Headphone With KZ Waterproof Aptx Bluetooth Module Replacement…
KZ ZSTX Headset HIFI Bass In-Ear Noise Cancelling Sport Earphone Detachable DJ Music Headphone With KZ Waterproof Aptx Bluetooth Module Replacement…


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