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Mohan G’s ‘Bakasuran’, starring Selvaraghavan and Natarajan Subramaniam, is a uninteresting drama concerning the exploitation of ladies

Spoilers forward…

Decoding the messaging might be extra attention-grabbing than anything on this randomly written, unimaginatively directed film.


There are three narratives buried within the convoluted screenplay of G Mohan’s Bakasuran. One is from the Shankar playbook, the place a wronged man turns right into a vigilante and kills those that wronged him via an unique methodology. If it was Varmakalai in Indian and ways from the Garuda Puranam in Anniyan, right here the modes of killing are taken from Bheema within the Mahabharata. Mohan G provides a communal angle to this tragedy: in a scene the place an affected father talks to and seeks consolation from a blazing hearth, he factors out that the person belongs to the identical group that was enraged by the depiction of the Agni Kundam in Jai Bhim. Selvaraghavan, whose character is called Raasu, performs the vigilante killer. This isn’t a spoiler as a result of we see him on this mode within the movie’s very first scene. (His final title is muted within the movie, however the trailer informed us it was Kachirayar.)

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