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HomemarketingRebel Wilson Causes Chaos in Concussion Awareness Now PSA

Rebel Wilson Causes Chaos in Concussion Awareness Now PSA

The link between concussions and contact sports is well known, but a traumatic brain injury can happen in many ways, from a car accident to a simple fall. Actor and comedian Rebel Wilson is urging everyone to get their melons checked in a humorous PSA for Concussion Awareness Now directed by Great Guns USA’s Oren Kaplan.

The minute-long spot shows Wilson on set, insisting that despite her name she’s not really a rebel even as she accidentally wreaks havoc wherever she goes. She knocks things over playing with nunchucks, releases a crate of pythons, wields a flamethrower, tosses a tray of hot coffee out of a golf cart and then crashes the vehicle into boxes of glasses.

Despite all this, Wilson insists the only rebellious thing she’s ever done came when she slipped on grass and hit her head. Instead of trying to tough it out, she went to the doctor and learned that she had a concussion. “Don’t mess with your melon,” she urges. “If you hit it, get it checked.”

“Production was incredibly fun; getting to shoot on the Universal backlot—a dream for any filmmaker,” Kaplan said in a statement. “On top of that, Rebel Wilson was a seasoned (and hilarious) pro: She knew the script inside and out, brought a bunch of new ideas, and had an amazing instinct for improvisation and physical comedy.”

The spot directs viewers to Concussion Awareness Now’s website for information on how concussions are caused, their symptoms, and best practices if you suspect you have one. The coalition of nearly 20 advocacy groups was formed in December through a collaboration between the Brain Injury Association of America and medical technology company Abbott. They launched with a 2-minute Q&A between Wilson and Abbott medical director Dr. Beth McQuiston covering the actor’s personal experience.

“Ordinary falls and bumps are how the vast majority of concussions happen, and that’s how Rebel experienced her concussion: by slipping on a grassy hill while walking to work,” Abbott chief marketing and communications officer Melissa Brotz said in a statement. “We want people to take away the serious message in this lighthearted campaign with Concussion Awareness Now: Think twice when you hit your head, and go get it checked.”

Production Company: Great Guns USA 

MD/EP: Oliver Fuselier  
HOP: Melissa Jacobs 
Executive Assistant: Kelsy Haden 
Director: Oren Kaplan 
Producer: Richard Martin 
Production supervisor: Kelsea Davis 
Associate production supervisor: Jerry terHorst 
1st AD: Michael Estrella 
2nd AD: Jimmy Ramirez 
2nd 2nd AD: Eric De Los Prados 

Client: Abbott 

Senior Director, Marketing: Mark Procop 
DVP, corp brand & expression, global marketing: Diane Winnard 
Senior director, public affairs, global diagnostics: Kim Modory 
Senior manager, public affairs: Ellen Wichman, Kristen Whipple 
Medical director, diagnostics: Beth McQuiston 


CD, writer: John Maxham 
CD, art director: Vince Cook 

Camera Department

DP: Kramer Morgenthau 
1st AC: Daniel Ferrell 
2nd AC: Sam Lino 
DIT: Bret Suding 
Steadicam: Will Arnot 


Gaffer: Manny Tapia 
BB Electric: Luis Moreno 
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Electrician: Robert Mckay 
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Key grip: Kyle Carden 
BB grip: Jason Gary 
Grip: Chris Mayhugh 
Grip: Mike Stanosek 
Grip: Pat Liampetrical 
Grip: Andrew McGeo 
Grip: Cory Beaird 
Grip/driver: Robert Montaño 

Art Department

Production designer: Shel Greb 
Art coordinator: Sasha Jenson 
Set decorator: Deedee Cheriel 
Leadman: Jeff Myron 
Dresser/driver Franz Stahl 
Set dresser: Lintz Hadley 
Set dresser: Ben Minty 
Lead SPFX Dave Peterson 
SFX: Johnny Peterson 
SFX: Matt Guthrie 
SFX: Michael Planas 
Prop master: Robert Smith 
Assistant prop master: Matt Myers
Art coordinator: Brooke Dryden 
Art PA: Tai Ruinsky 


Sound: Anna Wilborn 
Boom OP: Keenan Wyatt 
VTR: John Placencia 
Script supervisor: Cori Glazer 

Vanities (BG/Stunts) 

Stylist: Shannon Kelly 
Key makeup: Rachel Olson 
Key hair: Darrell Redleaf  
Hair stylist: Angelo Rivera 
1st assistant costumer: Erica Clayton 

Vanities (talent/OCP) 

Key makeup (RW): Melanie Inglessis 
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Gang boss: Joey Banks 


Site rep: Mariano Federovsky 
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Teamster/driver: James Hunt 
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Tow plant driver: Jose Avalos 
“SPOC” driver: Eduardo Terry
“SOLO” driver: Brandon Brodecki 
WAMU driver: Daniel Lopez 
Caterer: Edgar Rodriguez 
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Craft service: Adam Berman 
Medic: Rufino Romero 


Stills photographer: Roger Snider 
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Cam op: Will Hooke 
Sound mixer: Nick Kitinski 

COVID compliance 

COVID compliance officer: Kevin Walsh 
COVID assistant: Nick Floris 
COVID testing coordinator: Rae Threat 

Production support

PA / prod truck: Kevin Kochman 
PA / office: Morgan Falschlehner 
PA / set: Eric Morley 
PA / set: Araceli Navarrete 
PA / set: Tomás Martin 
PA / set: Catherine Howard 
PA / AD: Emaryne Watt 
PA / AD: Jackson Linn 
PA / AD: Benjamin Salvador 


Principal: Rebel Wilson
Stunt coordinator: Vladimir Tevlovski 
Stunt rigger: Jeff Constine 


MU artist: Zia Simmons 
Wardrobe stylist: Kara Luiz 
Production assistant: Cecilia Lee 
Grip: Mario Madrigal 
Art person: Ayinde Vaughn 
Electrician: Taneka Washington 
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1st AD: Josie James 
Script supervisor: Nancy Cohen 
Craft service: Shaun Lagadi 
Stand-in: Courtney Rosemont 


Camera equipment: Panavision 
Car rental: California Car Rental 
Casting director: Idell James 
Catering: Bruce’s Catering 
Craft service: Adam Berman 
Grip equipment: Kyle Carden/Universal 
Hard drives: Film Tools 
Motorhome: Sunset Studios 
Storyboards: Andrew Paul 
Pro supplies: Apache 
Sound: Anna Wilborn 
Lighting: Universal/Tap In Power 
Trucks (prod): Avon 
Trucks (art): Galpin 
VTR: Freak Show 
Condor: Herc
Gradall: Herc 

Post production

Editorial house: Mack Cut 
Executive producer: Gina Pagano 
Producer: Dylan Anderson 
Editor: Brendan Hogan 
Assistant editor: Ellen Schoenfeld 
Flame/conform: Joseph Miller 
MIX: Corey Bauman 

VFX: The Artery 

Founder/ECD: Vico Sharabani 
EP/managing director: Deborah Sullivan 
VFX producer: Michael McCarthy 
ECD/VFX supervisor: Elad Offer 
VFX artist: Lorne Kwechansky 
VFX coordinator: Hannah Sinagra 
Junior flame artist: Samantha Díaz



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