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Resident Evil 4: how you can remedy the Cave Shrine puzzles

There are much more elective — and necessary — moments of exploration out there to plyers within the Resident Evil 4 remake. Probably the greatest examples is available in Chapter 4 when you find yourself given the power to maneuver in regards to the lake freely in your boat. Whether or not you discovered it by chance or obtained caught whereas going alongside the primary path, you’ll finally have to unravel two Cave Shrine puzzles to be able to get your arms on the Church Key you’ll want to transfer the story ahead. For those who discovered the altar the secret is held on, you’re possible at a loss as to the place to go or what to do. There aren’t a ton of locations across the lake you may go to, however it can save you lots of time by letting us navigate you to the right spots and lead you thru these Cave Shrine puzzles in Resident Evil 4.

Methods to discover and remedy the Small Cave Shrine

A map to the small cave shrine on t he lake.

The primary location you’re going to is on the far northeast finish of the lake and is named the Small Cave Shrine. Make your manner inside and you’ll come throughout a panel with a circle of buttons with distinctive symbols. Your objective right here is to determine which symbols to press, and in what order, to unlock the best way to the important thing merchandise you want.

You’ll possible have already seen one or two symbols painted on the partitions as you got here in, however the order is what’s essential. Labeling every button 1 via 8, with 1 on the high and counting up going clockwise, right here’s the right sequence to enter:

A series of symbols in a circle.
  1. Button No. 7
  2. Button No. 6
  3. Button No. 4

As soon as inside, decide up the Blasphemer’s Head.

Methods to discover and remedy the Massive Cave Shrine

A map of the Large Cave Shrine on the lake.

The Massive Cave Shrine is additional down on the south finish of the lake close to the Boat Home the place you first departed. The puzzle inside follows the identical concept — discover the symbols within the surroundings and press them within the right order on an equivalent panel by a door — however you’ll need to cope with a swarm of enemies first. Listed below are what buttons to press utilizing the identical technique as earlier than:

  1. Button No. 2
  2. Button No. 5
  3. Button No. 7

Inside, you’ll decide up the Apostate’s Head.

Now that you’ve got each heads, head again to the Mural Cave and to the shrine. Place every of the heads on the 2 giant hand-shaped platforms on both facet (it doesn’t seem to matter which head goes on which facet) and the Church Key shall be unlocked.

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