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Savvy participant finds Darkish Souls and Elden Ring references in Hogwarts Legacy

A few of the greatest Easter eggs in gaming come from builders putting cheeky nods to different standard franchises into their map for savvy gamers to seek out. Whereas Hogwarts Legacy is constructed upon a well-established magical world, it’s not past tossing their followers a couple of references to offer them amusing. One intelligent participant seen that Hogwarts Legacy truly has some Easter eggs hidden in its world in recognition of two different well-known gaming behemoths, Darkish Souls and Elden Ring.

The referenced participant took to Reddit to share their findings. The group has mainly unanimously agreed that the participant did certainly uncover nods to the 2 FromSoftware titles.

Picture by way of r/HarryPotterGame

Close to the Inferi Lair part of the map outdoors of Hogwarts Citadel, the participant stumbled upon a bonfire with a sword protruding of it. That is the primary reference to Darkish Souls, and also can embody Elden Ring. Each video games function campfires that act as resting factors to avoid wasting and degree up. This bonfire, nonetheless, can’t be interacted with in the identical method. It’s a disgrace, as we might actually use a chat with Melina earlier than heading into the lair.

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Picture by way of r/HarryPotterGame

If the campfire reference wasn’t sufficient to persuade you, then perhaps the cliffs above it should do the trick. The participant identified that there are a number of horizontal tombstones protruding of the wall. That is clearly a poke on the dreaded leaping puzzles distinctive to Elden Ring. We’re sorry if it triggers reminiscences of falling to your dying upon Torrent making an attempt to efficiently navigate them.

Hogwarts Legacy has already crushed Elden Ring’s launch week gross sales, a feat that didn’t appear doable as Elden Ring was a viral masterpiece when it launched. Whereas the wizarding world is again within the limelight proper now, it nonetheless can’t escape the controversies surrounding its creator’s contentious feedback, and lots of standard streamers have confronted criticism over enjoying it.



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