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Shock — Future 2 servers are exploding with the launch of Lightfall

Future 2 servers are underneath siege with the launch of Lightfall, resulting in maby gamers working right into a prolonged one second please loading display screen. With hundreds seeking to dive into the brand new content material, they discover themselves sitting on their fingers for longer than they’d hope.

Launches of on-line video video games expansions, particularly MMOs like Future 2, are normally a rocky occasion. Nonetheless there’s nothing like being part of the primary wave on launch day. This has brought about a big wave of gamers to assault the servers without delay, inflicting these queues.

Watch the Future 2 launch trailer right here!

“Hopefully, I’ll get to play quickly. Took the time off of labor. Been taking part in “One Second Please…” simulator the sport for nearly an hour now. Up to now, 0 / 10 would not suggest.” writes Luke Corridor on Twitter. It is a traditional tragic story, acquainted to many an MMO fan. Reserving worthwhile day off work solely to take a seat unable to play. A superb excuse to the touch grass or do some chores certain, however that is not likely within the spirit of the occasion.

Others are working into completely different points. One person claims to have crashed and thrown again into the queue ruthlessly. Others aren’t even fortunate sufficient to get a one second please message, caught connecting to the sport endlessly.

For Xbox gamers it will get occasion worse. A recognized bug has compelled some gamers on that platform to uninstall preior DLC so as to boot the sport with Lightfall’s launch. It is secure to say there’s loads of holes to be plugged proper now.

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