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Squid Sport’s Entrance Man Twist Teases A Darkish Season 2 Story

Squid Sport season 1 revealed the id of the mysterious Entrance Man, and the person’s previous occupation might trace at a darkish theme for season 2.

The reveal in Squid Sport season 1 that the mysterious Entrance Man was the ex-cop brother of Hwang Jun-ho, Hwang In-ho, might trace on the darkish themes of season 2. Jun-ho had assumed that his brother had died competing within the Squid Sport, but it surely turned out that In-ho had received prior to now. In some way, the victor grew to become the right-hand man for the creator of the merciless sport in Squid Sport and have become answerable for main the masked guards. Nonetheless, a lot of In-ho and the guard’s story is a thriller, however that might all change in Squid Sport season 2.


Squid Sport creator Hwang Dong-hyuk addressed the subject of the Entrance Man and season 2 (by way of Forbes) and acknowledged that he wish to dive additional into In-ho’s police background. “I feel the problem with cops isn’t just a difficulty in Korea.” he stated, “I see it on the worldwide information. This was a difficulty that I needed to boost. Perhaps in season two, I can discuss this extra.” Since Squid Sport facilities across the corruption of society and the way that impacts the highly effective in comparison with the weak, it is sensible for season 2 to discover how In-ho would find yourself on the aspect of the highly effective—and clarify how the opposite guards obtained there as effectively.

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The Entrance Man Means Squid Sport Guards May Be Ex-Cops

Squid Game - Front Man

If the Entrance Man is an ex-cop in Squid Sport, and creator Hwang Dong-hyuk needs to dive deeper into the ideas surrounding police brutality, it might make sense for the masked guards to have all come from an identical background. The Sport preys on those that are so determined for cash they’re keen to compete to the demise for monetary safety. Maybe within the case of the guards, the Squid Sport provides disgraced cops the chance to train their energy in a brand new means—with three spherical meals and a heat mattress included.

Little is understood about the place the Squid Sport guards got here from earlier than they placed on their masks, however it’s revealed in season 1 that they fluctuate considerably concerning age. One high-ranking guard confirmed his face to a participant, who proclaimed that the guard was little greater than a child. The participant questioned what “they” had carried out to the guards to make them such feelingless murderers. This query was by no means answered. Nonetheless, with the variability in ages and personalities, it might simply be true that they arrive from the police power. This fashion, they might already be skilled in utilizing weapons and desensitized to violence.

The Squid Sport Guards Are Nonetheless A Thriller

A soldier facing the camera while a group of contestants stand behind him in Squid Game

A well-liked concept after Squid Sport season 1 got here from when protagonist Seong Gi-hun was first recruited to take part within the Sport. He and the recruiter performed a sport that concerned a blue and purple tile, and earlier than they began, future participant 456, Gi-hun, was given the selection of which tile he needed to make use of. He picked the blue tile, and since he finally ended up one of many Squid Sport gamers (who wore blue uniforms), a concept developed that had he chosen the purple tile, he would have as a substitute turn into one of many red-clad guards.

Hwang Dong-hyuk addressed this concept, stating that audiences had been “positively extra artistic” than him (by way of Forbes) and that regardless of which tile Gi-hun had chosen, he would have ended up a contestant within the Squid Sport if he had determined to name the quantity indicated by the cardboard. So, this means that the guards seen of their purple uniforms aren’t simply determined individuals off the road. So, although audiences can search for clues, there possible will not be extra to study concerning the guard’s backgrounds and identities till Squid Sport season 2.

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May Gi-Hun Enter Squid Sport As A Guard In Season 2?

Squid Game Gi-Hun

Squid Sport season 1 left off with Gi-hun turning away from his flight to the USA and assuming that he would take motion towards the evil Video games that had so affected his life. It is solely unclear how he would plan to go about this. Nevertheless, with the tease that Squid Sport season 2 might dive additional into the internal workings of the video games, together with the identities and nature of the masked guards, it may very well be that Gi-hun will arrive on the mysterious island this time as one in every of them himself.

This may be no simple feat, but it surely’s necessary to do not forget that Gi-hun is now one of many rich and highly effective elite. Your entire level of Squid Sport is how cash makes the world flip, and people who have it have rapid energy over those that do not. This lesson explains why Gi-hun was so hesitant to make use of his prize cash since it’s solely tainted by blood. Nonetheless, the right means to make use of his new-found wealth and energy may very well be to use it to his objective of ending the brutal remedy towards determined souls—and a superb beginning place is the guards marked by circles, triangles, and squares.

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