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What Occurred To Kaz’s Brother In Shadow & Bone

Warning: This text comprises spoilers for Shadow and Bone season 2.

Shadow and Bone season 2 reveals what occurred to Kaz’s brother Jordie – however this may occasionally have raised extra questions for some viewers alongside the best way relating to his scenario. Kaz Brekker’s introduction in Shadow and Bone instantly portrayed him as somebody who had seen loads of life’s struggles, and had honed his wits in opposition to them. This hinted in the direction of a tragic backstory, particularly as Kaz’s household appeared notably out of the image altogether.


Shadow and Bone season 2, episode 2 started to shed some gentle on stated backstory, revealing a younger Kaz being led by his brother Jordie to a “Mister Hertzoon”. The story shortly revealed Kaz and his brother have been victims of a rip-off that had misplaced all of them their remaining cash, forcing them to reside on the streets, and ultimately contributed to the dying and Kaz’s brother – and the everlasting emotional scarring of Kaz himself. Whereas this fleshes out Kaz’s story properly and establishes his specific points with Pekka Rollins, its flashback sequences might have left the destiny of Kaz’s brother Jordie much less clear to viewers.

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Kaz’s Brother, Jordie, Died Of A Illness In Ketterdam

Jordie Shadow and Bone season 2

The Rietveld brothers have been ousted onto the streets of Shadow and Bone‘s city of Ketterdam because the Queen’s Woman Plague unfold via the town, resulting in an outbreak of firepox that killed many. Sadly for the pair, Kaz’s brother Jordie was one such case, passing away from the illness and leaving Kaz alone on the planet. This was made but worse by the truth that Kaz was additionally thought to have died from the Plague, main him to be trapped on a pile of corpses moved out into the waters of Ketterdam and away from society as a result of an infection.

Why Did not Kaz Die From The Similar Illness As Jordie?

Shadow and Bone season 2 young Kaz-1

Jordie dying from the Queen’s Woman Plague makes Kaz’s survival extra hanging in Shadow and Bone season 2, as Jordie was the older of the 2, and thus the brother extra more likely to have an immune system that would defend him higher from the illness. Nonetheless, it’s value noting that Kaz solely simply survived the firepox himself, and thus luck might have been the straightforward motive for his survival. Nonetheless, the books do trace at one other chance, as they said Jordie gave Kaz his “dry coat” after his youthful brother was thrown into the canal, which can have saved Kaz hotter throughout his an infection and thus saved his life.

Why Kaz Goals Of His Brother When Poisoned By Neyar

Jordie dream Shadow and Bone season 2

Kaz first has flashbacks to his childhood within the first episodes of Shadow and Bone season 2, however has his most notable sequence after being poisoned by Neyar. Throughout this, Kaz desires of his brother berating him after which trying to drown him, solely to disclaim this to the others when he wakes from the hallucination. That is possible as a result of it is a second that’s loaded with private symbolism for his character and arc.

When Inej makes an attempt to wake Kaz up, his dream turns from Jordie attempting to drown him to him being lifted from the water by Inej. This represents each her bodily attempting to assist him, and metaphorically how – the place Jordie’s reminiscence brings Kaz down into a spot of revenge-obsessed bitterness – his reminiscences of Inej do the alternative, with a lot of Kaz’s kindest choices being partially as a result of his bond along with her. On this, Shadow and Bone season 2 reveals simply how vital Kaz’s relationships within the sequence are, and the way vital they are often in serving to him cope with the trauma that has left such an affect on him.

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