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Why Amy’s Brooklyn 99 Jail Storyline Was Secretly Genius

In Brooklyn 9-9 season 3, Amy Santiago goes into a jail undercover as a pregnant inmate. Here is why the storyline was secretly genius.

Amy Santiago’s jail storyline in Brooklyn 9-9 season 3 was secretly genius. Amy Santiago, performed by Melissa Fumero, is essentially the most bold and cussed detective in your entire 9-9 precinct, and a fan-favorite in a collection with a whole ensemble of lovable characters. One of many main causes for that is her will-they-or-won’t-they relationship with Brooklyn 9-9‘s lead character, Andy Samberg’s juvenile-yet-driven Jake Peralta, which captivated audiences earlier than they lastly bought collectively in the direction of the beginning of Brooklyn 9-9 season 3.


Later in Brooklyn 9-9 season 3, Amy is pressured to go undercover in a ladies’s jail as a way to befriend the sister of Jimmy “The Butcher” Figgis, in order that the crew can arrest the notorious mob boss. As a way to get near Maura Figgis, Amy takes up the identification of Isabelle Cortez, a pregnant inmate, after Brooklyn 99 insurgent Rosa Diaz is recognized by a convict she had beforehand arrested, blowing her cowl. In the meantime, Jake disguises himself as a health care provider as a way to control his girlfriend. Whereas this concept already makes for a hilarious episode of Brooklyn 9-9, one behind-the-scenes reality makes it secretly genius.

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The Actual Motive Behind Brooklyn 9-9’s Jail Story

Brooklyn 99 Amy Santiago Pregnant Prison

The actual purpose behind Amy’s secret identification as a pregnant inmate in Brooklyn 9-9 season 3 is that Melissa Fumero was truly pregnant together with her first little one on the time of filming. If an actress turns into pregnant when their character isn’t, TV exhibits will normally try to cover the rising bump. Usually, that is accomplished by solely taking pictures the actress in close-ups or from the waist up. If that can not be totally achieved, then the actress can be given a prop to hold, like a big purse or a pillow, to cover her being pregnant.

Whereas the now-canceled Brooklyn 99 did use these traditional methods initially, Amy going undercover in jail was the proper storyline excuse to make use of Melissa Fumero’s real-life being pregnant for comedy. Brooklyn 9-9 season 3 was not the one time that Melissa Fumero could be pregnant throughout manufacturing. In distinction to Amy’s jail storyline, Melissa Fumero’s second being pregnant was totally written into Brooklyn 9-9. In the course of the episodes the place Amy is pregnant together with her and Jake’s child, Mac, Melissa Fumero was truly pregnant together with her second little one.

Brooklyn 9-9’s True Energy Is Improvisation

The final

Amy’s jail storyline highlights certainly one of Brooklyn 9-9‘s biggest comedic strengths: improvisation. Amy’s pregnant inmate cowl isn’t the one time that Brooklyn 9-9 displayed how good it’s at seizing upon sudden narrative magic. The enduring Brooklyn 99 chant was by no means truly purported to be heard on the present. Based on Melissa Fumero, it originated as a method for Terry Jeffords’ actor, Terry Crews, to spice up the forged’s morale throughout early morning shoots. With out such improvisation, this iconic line would have by no means made its method into the present.

Moreover, within the wake of George Floyd’s homicide by the hands of police officer Derek Chauvin, the crew of Brooklyn 9-9 scrapped 4 accomplished episodes and started rewriting the ultimate season from the very prime. In response to the protests within the wake of Floyd’s homicide, the Brooklyn 9-9 writing crew penned the season 8 opener “The Good Ones,” by which Rosa quits the NYPD. Like Amy Santiago’s pregnant jail storyline, this highlights the expertise of the Brooklyn 99 crew over eight seasons at adapting to real-life conditions and accepting improvisations to enhance the present, whether or not for comedy or poignancy.

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